Basic Package

For organizations looking to automate sidewalk inspections to integrate into existing ADA Transition Plans

Basic Package Includes:


Automated inspection reports detailing barriers to access in a sidewalk region


An online map of the inspection results with GIS file downloads available

Progress Reports

Weekly progress reports during the inspection process

Compliance Package

For organizations looking to develop or update their
ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Plan

Compliance Package includes the Basic Package plus:

Self Evaluation

A sidewalk ADA Self Evaluation template pre-populated with your organization's inspection data

Community Data

Prioritization map layer based on the location of government buildings, employers, and transportation hubs

Implementation Package

For organizations looking to develop a complete sidewalk improvement program

Implementation Package includes the Compliance Package plus:

Work Orders

Work orders for the removal of trip hazards, obstructions, or other barriers to access by internal teams or external contractors

SiteVisit 3D Models

Online 3D model of the sidewalk inspection scene for preliminary design, quantities, and cost estimation