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Easily meet ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Planning requirements

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Scan Sidewalk

Scan the sidewalk system using DeepWalk's LiDAR iPhone application

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Automatic ADA Inspection

DeepWalk's proprietary measurement software automatically identifies ADA barriers

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Download Deliverables

Download inspection reports, maps, work orders, and other deliverables from the DeepWalk Web App

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“Efficient & Cost Effective"

“It’s rare that you come across a solution that can be easily deployed by entry level staff and interns and still yield both trustworthy and actionable results. The past two years working with DeepWalk have not just shown that it can be done, but that it can be done in very efficient and cost effective manner.”

Sam Cole
City Engineer
Danville, IL

“Happy Residents"

"I talked with multiple Danville residents while collecting over 60 miles of sidewalk data with DeepWalk. They were very excited to hear about the progress towards making Danville a more accessible and walkable community."

Emma York
Engineering Intern
Danville, IL

“139 Ramp Inspections in  a Single Afternoon"

"I was able to easily inspect the 139 curb ramps in our Midtown TIF District in a single afternoon."

Michael Chaffin
Engineer I
Danville, IL